Google Have Struck!!

Zork!! I got a very angry e-mail from the FCC or google or even the "DMCA" ( Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaining how they have removed the first Sunday Six Post. There was no explanation given regarding this, and they said that our blog has been under surviellance for a while.

The show will go on, for now, unless the DMCA wish to shut us down.

Just remember though kids (and those who are older) that if the DMCA do shut the blog down, they'll never shut our shit taste off though!!

Stay strong

Dirty Pete!

Some next nevel digital shit this...

an 86 year old producer / DJ, absolute KiLLER!!

check his latest mix here:

"What the fuck FRANK!"

peace.. enjoy.

(also, check out his Jack got Jacked Remix in Sunday Six V)




prreeeeeeeeeetyyy excited.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
Crystal Castles.
The Crystal Meathod.
Marmaduke duke.
Little Boots.
Lightspeed Champion.
Bombay bicycle club.

Thinkin about it, i really should start going to dance festivals.





Yelle - Qui Est Cette Fille? (Who's That Girl? Robyn Cover)

Perfection! Love French music right now, and Yelle is definately the best I've heard.

Dananananaykroyd - Some Dresses

HAPPY! Progressive! Dancy! Math! A bit like Testicicles if they were mixed with Foals. I know i compare stuff to Foals far too much, but its like the good band i know everyone will know from the scene.

Coeur de pirate - Fondu au noir

French indie. its a bit depressing in parts, but also uplifting in others. VERY nice though.

La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)

Sick track. She is a bit odd-looking i decide she's completely hideous, then i decide she is well hot, then i decide she is disgusting, then she's pretty average.

That's about it really.



My recent 101 song post was abruptly deleted by an unknown source.

Very annoyed, as it took me atleast a couple of hours.

And due to this it has been about 2 weeks since i have given any music to the world.

Lets get on it.

Deadmau5 - I Remember

Its everywhere. Very mainstream. Outstanding song. Definitely worth all the hype its gettin, unlike a lot of the mainstream stuff right now.

Ratatat, Jay-Z & Notorious B.I.G - Allure

Blew my mind. Ratatat are an incredible band, but i always thought their remixes were their weak point. I then got hold of the Ratatat Remixes mixtape volume 2. Every song blows you away. Sick stuff.

Cagedbaby - Forced (Foamo Remix)

Heavy shit. Just a classic electro banger. Up to the highstandard we expect from Foamo these days.

XO Man - Microwave (Barletta Remix)

Filthy shit!!! Geth this track! Bass heavy shit, bassline hooks, electro riffs, strung together in a very fidget house kinda way.

Little Boots - New In Town

Can't help but love this song. Very catchy chorus.

Crissy Criss - Kick! Snare!

It has finally happened. I like dubstep. This is a HEAVY track. Unfortunately a Radio rip.... sorrrryyyy........ i'm cheap/. By definition, you are too, cos your downloadin songs off my blog.
just like skip the intro and the ending....? =[

Kid Cudi, Kanye, Common & Lady Gaga - Poker Face [Poke her face]

Lady Gaga is very annoying. This song is very good. Who'd have guessed it? A song Definately saved by a group of fairly gangster individuals.


R.I.P. Penny (My Puppy) (A little delayed Sunday Six)

Here is said specimen of Dog... and at 3 months old, she died after not pulling through a fairly routine operration.
I am faairly gutted (not gonna lie) and also quite lost as to now what to do..)

SOOoO, I realised I had not blogged for a decent amount of time, so here comes a post (as you can see)...

First of all this week we start off with a classic

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor (Dirty Disco Youth Interpretation)

This tune has one of the most recognizable riffs of all time, and belongs to a legacy of films which are legendary. This track is perfect to drop in a set midway through, or just to listen to on your iPod (other generic MP3 players are available) to bring a simle to your face.

Walking on a Dream - Emperors of the Sun (Kids at the Bar Remix)
Emperors of the Sun have created a catchy little number in this, and Kids at the Bar, famous for creating a stonkingly phat remix of Technologic, have worked their magic again.

Gauglione 2008 - Ciscko Brothers (Alex Gaudino Remix)
Whilst recently doing photography, I came across Danny Bond DJ'ing in Leeds, at a night called Daft he dropped this beast of a tune. He specifically mentioned that it was the Alex Gaudino Remix that was the best one, and I tend to agree...
It feels like its a song you've heard before, when actually you haven't... its reasonably large.

Hi Fatmau5 - Deadmau5 vs. Fatman Scoop

This shouldnt work at ALL, but it does. Weirdly

Brazil (2nd Edit) - Deadmau5
This song is one ofthose beautiful songs that can make you feel better whenever your down. It helped me with Penny's death, although I've still not really got round to realising that she is dead. Brazil is a 'hands in the air and lets all float around' kinda tune, its really beautiful.

Rappers Delight - Dan the Automator

Speaks for itself...... :D